Farmer’s banquet at the Landhotel Schönberghof

Murtal Culinary Delights

Juicy, not too fatty, not too dry and with a crust that cracks – this is the way roast pork should be and the way it should always remain.


The so called “Bauernschmaus”, a farmer’s banquet, is served with cabbage and dumplings. In the cozy Landhotel Schönberghof, master chef Anke Kresse and her team serve up typical Austrian delicacies. The more, the merrier – so please bring at least 6 people with you.

We ask for reservation five days prior because as the old farmers say: “good meat needs time”.


Price per person€ 19

Available for 2 persons. Reservations can be made at: +43-3577-22630 or online:

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